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Dating and relationships have changed over time. Before, you would wait until you were married before you engaged in sexual activity, these days it’s not uncommon to start a relationship with sex straight after the first meeting. Sex has become an important part of relationships, and whilst most people would not openly admit it, there are a significant amount of people that have broken up, or cheated on their partner when the sex has become lack lustre, or stale. Admittedly, this is always accompanied by a myriad of other concerns and reasoning, but sex is generally always a part of it. The thing is that when it comes to men and women, each have very different sexual needs and desires. That’s not to say that the difference is exclusively between women as having one desire, and men having another, just for the most part within relationships there are invariably two distinct levels of desire between the partners.

It’s no secret that sex can become routine, boring and mundane and whilst there are a lot of adult products out there that can be used to facilitate sex and sexual desire, they are invariably disruptive to the act of penetrative sex in some degree. Whether that be a hand that has been distracted whilst holding a vibrator, or a certain position that needs to be maintained in order to ensure connection to the vibrator or something similar.  Vibrating cock rings were different in this regard because it was attached to the male and was simply viewed as an extension to him, such a hands free device was not seen as disruptive to sexual intercourse and it was hailed as a distinct and universal couple’s and male sex toy. But, people wanted more.

At long last there cam relief. The WeVibe vibrator for women has a range that will provide sensual and uninterrupted pleasure for any kind of a woman whether alone or with her partner.

The use of vibrators for women has however been one of the most controversial topics. Not many women have clear information as to why or when she would resort to using a vibrator as way of pleasuring themselves. For many it seems foreign and alien. Well, there are no rules and regulations to the book that state the specific cases when a woman should use a vibrator. Different women have different reasons for wanting to own and use one; it might be to fulfil a void, provide health benefits, or it might be because she feels that her relationship is a little stale and she wants to spice it up. Whatever the reason, WeVibe vibrators for women provide a variety of vibrators to help you achieve different kinds of fun. There are vibrators that can be used together as a couple and others can be used alone.

Unfortunately, whilst we may love our partners to death, they may not be the best in bed. This could be as a result of a combination of things; maybe you don’t talk about it, maybe they’re too shy or conservative in order to approach the topic, or maybe they just try their hardest and it’s just not working for you. Just because the sex isn’t of your dreams, doesn’t mean that you should throw away the relationship. Relationships take work, and each partner needs to become in tune with their partners bodies, desires and needs.

Other women prefer to use the vibrator to satiate their curiosities, others do it to self-discover their body parts and others want to add up a little extra stimulation along the way. Either way, WeVibe vibrators for women caters to you.

We Vibe Family

Their vibrators are made from silky soft and medically endorsed silicone and enabled with 8 strong but quiet vibration modes to help you achieve the most amazing sensations. They are 100% waterproof and as such you can clean just with water and soap. Each model vibrator has roughly a 90-minute recharge with a single pleasure control button and will last you almost 2 hours in a single charge. It gives you a low power alert (through blinking), hence no disappointments during playtime. They are safe to use as they are latex free and eco-friendly. With their attached one year warranty you can be sure about your choice and sexual satisfaction.

WeVibe vibrators for women has been endorsed by doctors and media shows to be the best partner for your needs. They are the most widely used vibrators by women and their partners to spice up things in the bedroom as proven by the number of positive reviews the products have earned. Order yours today and catch up with the fun you have been missing out on. With WeVibe vibrators for women, you have your joy in your hands.

We-Vibe Couples Vibrator

We have already discussed the we-vibe couple’s vibrator elsewhere on this site. So we’ll keep this one short. The couples vibrator is the way to include a sexual aide within your sexual routine and not even notice that it’s there/. Most couple’s toys are geared towards being used, or being assisted by the male partner. No longer. This couple’s toy is women-centric – and by that we mean that it clips into the vagina entrance with a single arm being placed on the clit and the secondary arm being placed on the g-spot. The dual stimulation here allows both erogenous zones to be simultaneously. The greatest benefit of this, is that it allows the vibrator to be worn during sex, thus pleasuring both partners at the same time.

We-Vibe Nova Rabbit

We-Vibe Nova Rabbit

With most rabbit vibrators, the issue is with the clitoral stimulator. Everyone’s clit is placed a little differently and the clitoral arm is either in the right spot, or the wrong spot or in most cases the arm has to be manually manipulated in order to provide the greatest stimulation. That’s no longer the case, with the Nova Rabbit and the extremely flexible arm, the arm will twist and contort to your exact body shape, meaning that you will be able to have the same pleasure every single time without the need to manually manipulate the arm into the ‘perfect spot’ The ergonomic design will now do that for you. The nova rabbit is incredibly strong, and the flexible arm helps accentuate that, if you have a sensitive clitoris, or not a fan of deep and rumbly vibrations the we would suggest a different vibrator, if however you like a lot of pressure and intense clitoral vibrations then this rechargeable rabbit made of durable silicone is sure to meet your needs. It’s also one of the first rabbits to be able to used by a Bluetooth app, and controlled from your mobile phone. The app will allow you to customise the vibrations, create your own patterns as well as engage in some hands free fun, just make sure you turn the phone off during sex because in some cases it’s considered just a little bit rude

We-Vibe Tango And Touch

The We-Vibe tango and the we-vibe touch are small hand held clitoral vibrators. Truth be told they’re actually the exact same vibrator with one just having a much larger silicone core. The smaller, plastic coated tango will feel a little stronger as there won’t be the coating of silicone used to absorb the vibrations. The tango is one of the most powerful clitoral vibrators on the market, it’s rechargeable and waterproof making it one of the most versatile palm held vibrators out there.

If you’re a fan of a slightly softer touch, or you need the sensuality that the silicone can provide, or even if you like the tongue shaped vibrator of the Touch, then you have that option as well to add to your collection.

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