Common Myths About Vibrators

Common Myths About Vibrators

Myths About Vibrators | Getting The Facts About Vibrators

Myths About Women’s Vibrators | Old Wives Tales About Vibrating Sex

Myth – A Vibrator Will Numb My Genitals

Many people seem to be under the impression that by using their vibrator that they’re going to experience a diminishing of sensitivity. For the numbing of genitals to occur you would have to consistently and excessively using a vibrator for many hours of a day, every single day – to the point where it is an addiction. It’s hard to determine what excessive is defined as but if your vibrator use has taken over your life and you’re not completing day to day tasks then you’re probably there. Indeed, you will be more likely to cause numbing of the genitals if you get them pierced, have a horse riding accident, or engage in body modification.

Intermittent use of a vibrator – even daily for up to half an hour – will not numb the genitals. Nerve endings will numb if consistently stimulated or massaged, or with an extraordinarily powerful vibration, however even this numbness would only be temporary and be simply an effect of over stimulation. This excessive and powerful vibration would only be used in BDSM scenes and not apply to normal use.

Myth – Permanent Muscle Twitching:-

While the use of vibrators can cause temporary twitching from time to time in women, it is no different than an eye lid twitch. It is called fasciculation and is a small, involuntary muscle contraction. It often happens after tensing the muscles. While it is not as common vaginally, it can happen from any type of sexual stimulation whether you use a vibrator or not and is most likely nothing to be worried about. It is very similar to getting a muscle twitch in your eye when you read a great deal and have strained the muscles. The twitching usually after resting the affected muscle. Finding ways to relax the muscle such as a warm bath and holding off on sexual activity for a bit is a good way to treat it. Think of it like this, you would not be worried to read or work on your computer again if your eye would have a twitching episode. Most likely, this is the same type of situation.

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Myth- If I Use a Vibrator Sex with My Partner Will Not be As Good:-

Just because you watch XXX adult videos does not mean that sex with your lover will not seem as good! Watching XXX videos is beneficial for relationships so long as theyre used as a supplement and not as a replacement to sexual activity. It’s a similar analogy for vibrators and sex. Many couples will incorporate a vibrator into their sex lives and this will improve their bond, not take away from their relationship and sexual enjoyment. In fact the use of a vibrator with your lover will enhance love making and enjoyment. Why? Because an orgasm will be easier to achieve with the use of a vibrator and your partner/lover will feel empowered that they will be able to satisfy you sexually. This satisfaction will ultimately be helpful in decreasing anxiety or performance issues especially in older men, regardless of whether they’re a heterosexual or a mature gay couple.

False – Vibrator Use Is Addictive:-

This one is a little misleading. Yes, vibrator use can be addictive. But the point is that you will not become addicted after a single use. Using a vibrator is not like drugs. Vibrator addiction can be regarded as a disorder in a similar to the idea of sexual addiction. It is not necessarily the vibrator which is causing the addiction but a variety of other factors in and around your lifestyle and mental state.

At the end of the day masturbation is a good and natural thing. Vibrators will only enhance or make masturbation or sex with a partner to be more enjoyable. If you have a compulsive disorder and masturbate excessively then the use of a vibrator will not change this addiction and you should seek medical help. In saying that many women experience an orgasm for the first time when using a vibrator and this may increase sexual activity.

Using a vibrator often does not mean you are addicted to using it but rather enjoy using it. If all you want to do is use the vibrator in the absence of day to day life, then treatment from a counsellor or physician may be required.

Myth – A Vibrator Will Replace My Partner:-

Sex toys, when your lover is included, will actually strengthen your relationship and experience closer intimacy and understanding of each other. Since I love using food analogies it’s simply about adding a little extra herbs and spices to complete your meal! It’s about adding to that sexual relationship. Whether you like it or not, sex can become a bit stale when you’ve been together 30 or 40 years. It is an affirmation of trust and sharing and should be used in a positive sexual manner.

Sex toys will only enhance your love life and relationship and will not replace ‘the real thing’ but rather supplement your sexual activity

Vibrators Are Sleazy:-

This is a complete fallacy as sex toys have been used since time began. It is natural and the body has desires that need to be filled. All walks and manner of people use sex toys on a regular basis. Using a sex toy does not make you weird or strange in fact it is quite the opposite. If you don’t own or use a sex toy you are in the minority and may be suffering from some deep seeded hang ups that are not natural or healthy.

False – Vibration Emits Harmful Low Frequencies:-

Vibrators do not emit harmful low frequency emissions or low frequency heat. Vibrators vibrate at different speeds – that is it. Any heat caused by friction between parts is not low frequency heat and is not harmful to the body. There are vibrators which have a heating element to them, but this is a separate thing and not related to the idea of harmful low frequencies. You will most likely be getting more harmful frequencies by carrying your phone in your back pocket.

Myth – Vibrators Cause Unnatural Orgasms:-

Any orgasm of the body is created naturally – whether it is through normal sex, abnormal sex, masturbation or using a vibrator for women. It is a natural orgasm.

Myth – Vibrators Will Weaken the Pelvic Wall:-

This is incorrect. In fact vibrators will tend to cause the muscles in the pelvic region to spasm and therefore strengthen the pelvic wall. Particular sex toys such as the Kegelballs are specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic wall and floor and are recommended for women after giving childbirth to do so.A stronger Pelvic wall and floor will allow you to achieve orgasms more easily and also make the vagina tighter for your partner.

Myth – Vibrators Will Give Me Incontinence:-

Vibrators prevent urinary incontinence as they strengthen the pelvic wall and floor. Bothof these things are required to prevent and cure incontinence so if anything vibrators could be used as a form of treatment for urinary incontinence.

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No – Using A Vibrator Will Make My Vagina Larger:-

This is not true unless you buy a vibrator for the specific purpose of stretching your vagina. Most vibrators for women are of standard sizing being between 6-8inches in length and average girth. If anything using a vibrator will tighten the vagina. No-one will know you have been using a vibrator by the size of your vagina.

Wrong – Sex Toys Are Dangerous:-

When buying a sextoy it is important to make sure that it has compliancy certificates. Sure there have been one or two instances in the world of someone being injured by the use of a vibrator but when you consider that over 70% or women own a sex toy the chances of being injured by using one are less than winning the lottery.

In saying that however if you do not keep your sex toy clean and hygienic you may get thrush or other infections. This is not because of using a vibrator but because your sex toys have not been cleaned. Before and after every use it is recommended you use a toy cleaner and then store the vibrator as directed.

Myth – All Vibrators Are the Same:-

No two vibrators will give you the exact sensation or feel. Never make the mistake of buying the cheapest and simplest vibrator when you have luxury vibrators out there, such as Jimmy Jane. Sure, the most expensive vibrator on the market may not be the one that is most suitable to you, but if you’re looking at something that’s going to last, you might need to spend just a little extra. A cheap vibrator may give you pleasurable sensations but there is a difference to experiencing pleasure or having multiple orgasms with a toy that lasts that will inevitably improve your physical and mental well-being.

I Am Embarrassed To Use A Vibrator With My Partner:-

Vibrators are great for masturbation but they also will enhance your connection with your lover. Allowing him to watch or involve himself in your sex toy play will bring a higher level of honesty in your sex. Your lover will learn what turns you on as you will find out what rings their bell. Sex toys when used healthily are fantastic for a relationship. Embarrassment in regards to vibrator use usually stems from a sense of inadequacy. Not every sexual relationship will lead to orgasm. Some women, and even some men, require an extra level of stimulation to truly enjoy sex and sexual activity. If you’re partner has asked about introducing a vibrator to be the bedroom – it’s not about the fact that one of you is inadequate, it’s about strengthening the bond between you both and facilitating sexual pleasure. Think of it like asking your partner to make you a special something, just because you’ve requested your favourite meal doesn’t diminish all the other meals that they make.

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I’m Embarrassed To Buy One:-

These days most adult shops are not sleazy or seedy. Gone are the days of porn movies, dirty books being sold as all these items are now available free on the internet and sex stores have realised the value and importance of predominantly displaying sex toys on their shelves. Adult shops are now often called Adult Lifestyle Centres and are now shifting towards catering for women and couples. Often trained staff are there to assist you with any queries you have and seminars or ladies nights are held to demonstrate product or educate on the body.

If you are still hesitant about walking into an Adult Lifestyle Centre there are hundreds of internet sites that will allow you to purchase your vibrators for women cheaply, discretely and fast without leaving your home.

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