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Here at Vibrators for women we hope to clear up some of the myths surrounding sex toys and empower women to make the right choice that will help benefit their sexual pleasure. In today’s modern society, women no longer need to rely on men and other people to attain sexual satisfaction and women are in charge and control of their bodies in ways that have not existed in history before. Yet, there is still more to be done in terms of breaking down sexual taboos, and achieving true equality and feminism.

Take for example adult stores. Long thought to be the domain of men, there has had to be a substantial shift in the way that these stores both advertise and conduct themselves. In today’s modern and sex positive society adult stores and Adult lifestyle centres make an effort to be far more appealing towards couples and women. Gone are the days of poorly lit stores with rows of dusty DVDs, dusty magazines and a dusty and seedy dinosaur sitting behind the counter whose eyes follow your every move. Here at Vibrators For Women, we not only understand that every woman is different and has different requirements, turn-ons, fantasies and dreams, but also that couples and women want something more from their vibrators and their adult stores. Breaking through in the 21st century, sex and sexual aides are no longer considered taboo, but are considered to be fun, exciting and playful. So why should such adult stores hide behind dimly lit and seedy screens?

It’s time to break the mould and enter a sex-positive world ! Sex and orgasms are considered to be one of the greatest stress releases of every-day life. Orgasms are one of the original, most pleasurable acts a woman can do that is of a sexual nature (eating chocolate and a tub of ice cream do not count). A woman may choose to express herself and achieve an orgasm through a lover, partner or sex buddy, or she may choose to gratify herself with a vibrator or sexual aide. She might even decide to choose both! The choice, and power, is hers and hers alone.

With an abundance of articles out there about vibrators for women, we have collated the essential information and made the decision to give you educated content and information that will allow you to feel better about vibrators, and sexual aides. There’s a lot of confusion out there and we will do our best to answer all your questions and dispel much of the myths surrounding vibrators. We will do this in a fun and informative way, so that by the time you’ve read through this website you’ll be educated on the world of vibrators. If you don’t have a vibrator, or even if you do, we will provide you with the information so that if you decide to purchase a sexual aide in the near future, you’ll be in a far better and informed decision than what you were. Thus, putting you in the position to getting a vibrator that best fits your needs and desires. But first, let’s look at the interesting history of the vibrator.

Vibrators For Women

Vibrator History:

Interestingly enough, as with most things, the world’s first vibrator was not even developed as a sex toy. Rather, it was created to relieve general and mundane muscle aches across the body – until some bright spark figured out that it could be used for other reasons. The first one was created by Joseph Mortimer Granville in 1883. Originally called a percusser or more colloquially “Granville’s hammer”, the machine was manufactured and sold to physicians who would use it for the treatment of female hysteria. A condition whose symptoms were insomnia, irritability, excessive nervousness and excessive moisture of the vagina. The treatment of this grave affliction was by inserting a finger and gently massaging in what was termed a ‘medicinal massage’. This massage would lead to an orgasm, though at the time it was thought that women were incapable of orgasm and as such, the massage would result in a ‘paroxysm’, that being a sudden outburst. Sound familiar? To his dying day, Granville steadfastly refused to acknowledge that it could be used as a vibrator proclaiming that he never ‘percussed’ a woman.

Hold on a second, let’s revisit that for a moment– times were so sexist back then that they thought giving a woman an orgasm would relieve hysteria! I wonder how doctors found the time to administer such relief! Not surprisingly, it was considered to be extremely popular among patients, but wasn’t so popular among physicians who complained of sore hands.  Well, let’s not say that it was sexist, but still, the idea was that the doctors were providing stimulation to relieve muscle aches and hysteria and the poor little doctors were complaining about their hands getting sore. Let’s pause for a moment to play the world’s smallest violin for the world’s saddest story, anyone else would have reacted with such pleasure and excitement!

Vibrators For Women

Following this device, which actually costed about the same price as a house, in 1902 the first hand held electric vibrator was developed and patented by Hamilton Beach making it available to everyday consumers. When first introduced vibrators for women did not receive the same stigma sex toys do these days and they were advertised without restriction in magazines and media such as Sears, Needlecraft, Modern Priscilla and the Woman’s Home Companion. One of the most interesting facts about the electric vibrator was that it was one of the first ‘appliances’ to be electrified, following in the footsteps of the sewing machine, the tea kettle, toaster and the fan.

It wasn’t until the 1920’s that vibrators started to be advertised in ‘porno’ and ‘seedy’ mags that the general public began to form the opinion that vibrators should be considered a source of scandal, as they were sex related and advertised in ‘taboo’ magazines. The vibrators, then fell out of favour as the perception shifted from acceptance and something for women’s health to something that was sexual and shameful associating it only with sexual pleasures, from there restrictions were then made as to where vibrators for women could be sold and advertised. Even today there are some states in the United states, and various countries around the world which expressly forbid the purchasing and owning of a vibrator.

Vibrators Is Life

Vibrators for women then took a back-seat for more several decades until a historic moment in 1952 – which removed hysteria as a form of illness. The timing coincided with the release of smaller, and more reliable batteries and the availability of cheap plastics. With the idea of female pleasure and sexuality being removed from the list of illnesses, women were once again free to please themselves without guilt or remorse.

This then extended to the 1980’s where a new breed of women started to demand that they could be more readily accessible, safer to use.  This brought about tremendous demands and companies over the next 20 years became more innovative with design, material, branding and marketing. Brands such as Fun Factory have become synonymous with pleasure, luxury and fun and have become leaders in the development of new and innovative toys in their own right.

This trend has continued to a large degree to even now – but at a much greater scale. Companies have recently started utilising world class designers, and are designing toys that are both functional and break the ‘taboo’ stigma labelling. They are doing this by making sexual aides and stimulators classy, elegant, female friendly and changing the way that these toys are marketed. Now all manner of vibrators for women can be found making it a wonderful time for anyone interested in trying for the first time or experimenting with different vibrators to enhance their sexual pleasures.