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Any solid vibrator can be used to tickle, tease, and relax those sore spots. Most massage vibrators are large, intense, and solid – indeed some can even be connected to the wall. The most renowned of these massagers arrive in a wand structure with an expansive adjusted head that resembles a microphone… If you have never known about the notorious Body Wand, you need to get out of here and get one, now!

Notwithstanding their size, massage vibrators – additionally called wand massagers – are adaptable, and will satisfy even the most insatiable and ravenousness appetite for vibration. Today we will examine the splendidly named Original Body Wand Massager. It’s powerful and plugs into the wall, and it packs an extraordinary buzz. You can use it everywhere on your body to massage away a throbbing painfulness, and additionally as a traditional vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Can you envision an all-over sensual massage followed after by an extraordinary climax all whilst unwinding? Take wine and chocolates in the bedroom as well, as that is a certainly a night worth looking forward to!

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Step 1: Charge Her Up!

Like most vibrating sex toys for couples, they’re easy to use between partners and they have no gender specific parts. The first thing you will need to consider is how you want the power source to be. A corded wand is the most powerful but when you’re using it between amongst a couple you’ll find that often the cord can get in the way. Battery operated wands, and rechargeable wands might be the go in such a situation.

Just make sure that you’re charging and using the toy in accordance to the manufacturer instructions. Some wands will not be able to be used whilst being charged, others will be able to be used. Additionally, some might actually be waterproof, whereas others should never be taken near water. Not only can this be exceptionally dangerous if yours is plugged into the wall, but you certainly do not want to kill your toy. There are only a couple of body wands on the market which can be used in the water, two of which are the BodyWand Aqua and the LeloSmartwand.

The body wand comes with a range of rechargeable, plugged directly into mains and a battery operated variety.

Step 2: Seductive Massage

The solid vibrations these wands produce is incredible for unwinding the muscles, while a sexy and enticing back rub is an awesome approach to begin foreplay and acquaint a vibrator with your lover. Surprisingly, it’s likewise extraordinary to whip one of these out following a long hard day at the workplace… or in the lounge room! You can even use back rub oils to add to the experience, simply verify they’re ‘kiss safe’ so the massage oil doesn’t wind up leaving an awful taste in your mouth, or damage the toy

Step 3: The Main Event

While back rubs are perfectly fine, there is something more you can do with these vibrators. The extensive round heads vibrate against a vast surface range and can bring on new and novel orgasmic sensations. Ladies have started raving about these wands, and for a justifiable reason. Many, have a greater number of settings and buttons than your TV remote, and on the off chance that you can get your head around every one of them, you’re in for a serious ride. Hold the vibrating head against your clitoris, and let the beats go through you for a more profound, more extraordinary climax.

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