We-vibe 4 Plus

We-vibe 4 Plus

Review WE-Vibe 4 Plus Vibrator | Couple Friendly Vibrator

Is The We-Vibe Any Good | Reviews On The We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus is a brand new couple’s sex toy in the market. This toy has been specifically designed to supplement a couple’s love making and enhance the sexual pleasure for both partners. It was one of the first vibrators on the market to specifically provide pleasure to both people at the same time, and it is for this reason with which it is growing in popularity all over the world. It is designed for couples offering increased fun during sexual activity and can be used either during sex intercourse, as a foreplay tool, or with the new Bluetooth and interconnectivity features as a long distance play toy between couples.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus features a brand new design that takes intimate pleasure to new heights. Made to be worn during sex, the remote controlled We-Vibe 4 increases stimulation for both the man and the woman. The Lower half of the We-Vibe 4 is inserted to produce intense G-Spot stimulation, while the top half massages the clitoris and for the man, when pushed against the head of the penis, the vibrator massage’s him in his most sensitive spots. The new We-Vibe 4 is 30% smaller and the body-hugging design promotes even more G-Spot stimulation, this way if your partner had a larger penis you’ll find the smaller toy to be a lot more accommodating. The new remote control is larger and has intensity controls, as well as the ability to alternate between the clitoris and G-Spot vibrators.

Indeed it is the real deal in couple’s vibrators. Unlike other male vibrators and sex toys which rely on manual use, or to be worn or used by the male partner and ultimately focus on the males pleasure, the We-Vibe is worn by the woman during sex clipping onto the body to provide stimulation to both the G-Spot and the Clitoris. It brings out a unique enjoyment that can be shared between partners. It ensures a satisfying sexual experience that is both playful, fun and memorable. It is a very comfortable toy that has been made out of a velvet feel silicone, and which lubricant will glide over. It was designed to enable increased sexual pleasures and desires between both partners and owing to the ergonomic design it isan extremely comfortable device to wear. The We-Vibe brings out new sexual experiences that have never before been possible, thus making this the best vibrator for all women, regardless of whether or not they’re in a relationship. Hands free fun and excitement anyone?

This sex toy has a unique feature that makes it stand-out from other common sex toys. For the best splash between partners it comes with six different vibration modes. These include, low, high, wave, pulse, tease and cha-cha modes. This enables couples to choose the best mode in regard to their levels of intimacy and the vibration patterns that they want. The new we-vibe four plus has increased connectivity and not only can be controlled from anywhere in the world with an app and an internet connection, but you can also create custom pulses and settings. According to these different modes different levels of sexual pleasures are reached for total sexual satisfaction between the partners. These vibrations are powerful but quiet for total calmness during sex with enhanced performances and reduced disturbances.

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This vibrator is designed by experienced experts and made with the highest quality standards available. It is eco-friendly, body safe and long lasting when compared to other toys and it is also made from recyclable materials and packaging. The components include medical grade silicone, thus it is body safe with no side effects to either partner. Silicone is completely body safe, hypoallergenic and will not cause any irritation or rashes. Indeed with these natural components every woman feels secure and comfortable using it. This sex toy comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 hours, thus continued periods of play with no re-charging required. This is different with other vibrators in the market and it ensures high levels of sexual satisfaction are attained.

Another special thing worth mentioning about this vibrator it is 100%water proof and resistant. This allows it to be used in all wet places e.g. in bathrooms, spas and even the ocean for increased passion and unique sexual experiences between you and your partner. This allows crazy experiences for both partners. Indeed this vibrator is easy to clean as compared to other sex toys. With just soap and water it is totally cleaned getting rid of bacteria that may lead to vaginal infections that are very common with other vibrators. The device allows forflexibility and it can be easily be moved from one place to another due to the 2 in 1 carry case that also acts as the charging base.

WeVibe 4 Plus allows a choice of colours between purple, ruby and charcoal and comes with a 1 year replacement warranty. It also has a remote control for easy control during sex, when controlling it with the app and via Bluetooth would be considered to be rude. Also it is easy to use with all water based lubricants. This sex toy has been specifically made with women in mind, whilst it can be used on, and by guys, in particular for prostate stimulation and penile stimulation especially with gay couples, it’s really been designed for women.

This sex toy is indeed shaping the future of sexual satisfaction with health and wellness inconsideration. The manufacturers are experts and world leaders who closely work with doctors and consumers for the best standardized sex toys worldwide.

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