Odeco Cupid Rabbit

Odeco Cupid Rabbit

Odeco Cupid Rabbit Vibrator| Discreet Rabbit Vibrator

Information On Rabbit Vibrators| Cupid Silicone Vibrator

The Odeco Cupid – The Most Delightful Toy Ever!

The Odeco Cupid is a unique toy that is a true delight for anyone who is interested in a vibrator that is designed with the woman’s body, shape and contours in mind. This toy is a rabbit style vibrator that offers a powerful clitoral stimulation and is engineered to hit all the right spots that will give you a ride to remember.

This toy is made out of body safe medical grade silicone giving it a smooth luxurious feel that has quite a unique and sensual feel on the skin. It feels like it is alive right from the moment you take it out of the box. Its unique colors – stunning rose, sensuous purple or a simple black – add to its attraction, making it stand out in look, feel and touch.

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The shape of this toy, with its elegant curves, is a welcome change from all those straight vibrators and rabbits that are kind of intimidating with their metallic beads, and insane sizes. Instead this one piece vibrator has a well-formed and bulbous head that fits well and is a delight as a g-sport stimulator – for once a vibrator designer thought about the aesthetics and not just the mechanics of a vibrator! That coupled with its comfortable velvet feels gives it a delightful sensation – even before you switch it on.

Once you have removed it from the tastefully and well-thought out packaging, you only need to charge it for a couple of hours before you can start reaping the benefits of its sensational affections. This is quite a welcome change from some toys that need to be charged for eight hours or more before you can use them. The connection for charging it up and getting it ready is an easy to use one and the instructions are just spot on. The rechargeable motor is a great relief as it means you never have to bother with buying batteries and having too many things to worry about and carry everywhere with you. So, now there’s no need to have to sneak the batteries out of the TV remote while someone is in the middle of watching a blu ray movie!

Once it is fully charged, this little baby will give you two good hours of memorable and dynamic service. It comes with three simple buttons that are easy to understand and become accustomed to. It is packed with features that give you incredible sensations, with its pleasant whisper quiet motors and all you need to do is press the plus, minus and mode buttons to get whatever type of vibration you desire. This vibe has seven – yes, seven – different vibration speeds and modes that will have you going from quiet tingling to feverish delight in a few quick taps on the buttons. It is quite responsive and the speed and vibration modes change immediately as you hit the buttons, making it a fast paced joy bringer. The g-spot stimulation, with its variable ripple effect is designed to make the experience all the more fulfilling and pleasurable. Even at the lowest speeds and vibration modes this vibrator delivers one powerful kick.

The fact that it is made out of high grade silicone means that it is splash and water proof and you can therefore use it in the shower to give a new meaning to freshening up before a night out on the town. The Odeco Cupid is truly well-designed and performs wonderfully as a lady pleaser!

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