L’amourose Rosa Rouge

L’amourose Rosa Rouge

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When you think of luxury, you don’t normally think about women’s vibrators, but now you should. The new range of vibrators from L’Amourose is the epitome of luxury. Today, we’re going to explore the Rosa Rouge Massager which is from the companies “Black Diamond Range”. L’Amourose toys are only very new to Australia and have arrived in limited quantities, indeed I’ve so far seen them in the boutique adult stores in Sydney, the majority of them being available online.

When I first received my L’Amourose I felt that Christmas had definitely arrived early. The company is definitely trying to set itself apart and become recognised as a luxury sex toy maker and this is clearly evident from the beautiful style packaging that the toy comes in. It’s set up in a black and clear box with gold writing and completed with a small satin black bow. Straight away this screamed at me that these would make the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions for couples, or even if you just wanted to treat yourself. Once you open the box, you’ll find that the toy is sitting neatly onto the base charging unit, and underneath that is the warranty card and the charging cable.

I had been eyeing off the L’Amourose range for quite a while, and I have to say that this, by looks alone was by far my favourite model. I had noticed that there’s a basic version of the Rosa, but the rouge had a special feature which I was really interested in and which I will discuss later on.

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Let’s get the tech specs out of the way before we dive right into this toy. The Rosa Rouge has a 4.5 inch insertable arm and it’s coated in a delightfully smooth silicone that reminds me of the We-Vibe 4 silicone. This, however improbable, just seems to be even smoother. It’s a matte finish and when you rub your hands across it just glides over the palm of your hand with no friction whatsoever. Rosa Rouge has a curved neck with an elongated g-spot stimulator, complete with a flex and shift technology that’s unique to L’Amourose. The thin neck of the product means that it can be inserted comfortably and simply ‘worn’ in or sat and rocked on for the ultimate pleasure. It must be noted that the thin neck is where the flex and shift technology is situated, and this means that it will conform to your body shape with very little effort. Then only down side to this, is that if you’re looking for a toy with a little more pressure in the g-spot vibrator, then this might not be your first choice. Whilst the pressure is still quite good, and I will admit that I loved it, I also prefer things to be a little harder than this. However, I will say that the extra secret feature that I’m delaying in telling you, combined with the sheer power of this toy, more than made up for my desire for pressure on the g-spot.

The Rosa Rouge features two motors in it, a concept that has been used by Jimmy Jane vibrators in the past, as well as Fun Factory, this increases the level of vibrations of the toy, without sacrificing the noise quality. Silicone usually has a small tendency to absorb vibrations, and L’Amourose, has conquered this dilemma through the use of dual motors. The first motor is in the base and specifically for the labia and vaginal entrance, with the second motor being situated in the very tip of the toy for sensual and intense g-spot stimulation, or clitoral, whichever you prefer. It should be noted that the base isn’t necessarily specifically geared for clitoral stimulation and it will ultimately depend on your contortion skills and body shape, but I don’t necessarily feel that the intention was to provide a clitoral stimulator. I’ve seen other toys by L’Amourose and they know how to add a clitoral stimulator, I just get the impression that this was specifically geared for the vaginal entrance, an area that often gets largely ignored by the majority of vibrators. With this in mind I feel that the base of Rosa Rouge was added to help increase arousal and blood flow to and around the erogenous zones of the clitoris and perineum. It’s enough to be a tease and intensely pleasurable, but not so far as to overpower the internal stimulation on the g-spot. It’s handy to note that the dual motors can be controlled independently, so if you’re looking to use the base of the toy as a handle instead of a vibrator, then you’ll certainly be in luck with something easy and solid to grip onto, without vibrating the hell out of your hand.

The Rosa rouge has system of 12 speeds with 9 different pulse functions – meaning that there’s a lot of choice here to tickle whatever you need. The motors can then be used together independently between the 9 different functions, so you can mix and match your settings.  The crown jewel and feature of the Rosa Rouge is that it has a thermal regulation system. By that, the shaft has an internal heater in it which will keep it at a warm 40-42 degrees. So just a couple of degrees warmer than the normal body temperature. Heat increases blood flow, increases sensitivity and will ultimately increase the level of arousal. On top of this amazing heated motor, is the powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations that are unlike any g-spot vibrator on the market. It also has an amazing battery life, offering 3 hours of use for a 1.5 hour charge.

But wait, there’s more! Its waterproof, has a locking system, a very generous warranty and a base grip which makes it easy and simple to hold on to. You could also use this g-spot vibrator for anal stimulation or even for prostate play if you have a tendency to share your toys with your partner. Just ensure that it’s wrapped or sterilised between uses, though just be aware of the size as some beginners might find that it is too big for first time users. Some other unique uses of this toy includes the option to use it with a strap-on which would be perfect for g-spot stimulation and for pegging and depending on the type of harness that you have, because there is a vibrator in the base the wearer is going to receive stimulation as well.

As you can see, the versatility of the Rosa is limited only to your imagination, and it makes an excellent toy for women, as well as their partners.

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