My Extase Zenith

My Extase Zenith

Zenith G-Spot Vibrator | Women’s G-Spot Toys

Information On Zenith G-Spot Sex Toy| Powerful Women’s Vibrators

The MyExtase Zenith G-spot vibrator is one of the best vibrators that any woman would love to own and use for those elusive mind boggling orgasms, it is shaped very similar to a lot of prostate vibrators out there, just without the flare at the base necessary for mens toys.. The vibrator follows a minimalist design with a PU coating that is silky smooth and a control unit that is metallic textured. It is very simple to use as it is operated using a single button, which turns it on, off and changes the setting. It’s not the quietest of motors, but it certainly will not be an issue with walls. It is made to be splash proof and handle normal body moisture and comes in a nicely packaged gift box, complete with a user manual as well as a satin pouch. Its features make it the best vibrator for women to use for that out of this world G-Spot orgasm.

The Zenith has a shaft that is longer than other vibrators and completely straight with a bulbous head that is curved. This is specially designed to offer women a perfect G-spot stimulation, as well as clitoral stimulation without the need to contort into difficult positions. It is a rigid toy, with soft outer coating with a velvet-like texture. The design, shape and the motor placement on this vibrator makes it more versatile thus guaranteeing women to have more fun when they use it. Indeed, unlike other vibrators which sees the motor placed in the very base of the toy, the My Extasy Zeniths vibrator is right where you need it, directly in the head. This vibrator offers different stimulation modes to women and this makes it far more interesting to have in your toy collection.

Its shape enables it to fully stimulate a woman’s G-spot as well as the surrounding areas giving the user immense erotic pleasure. Its delightful shape enables it to target other erogenous zones of a woman’s body like the clitoris, the labia, nipples and the external anal area. These areas are able to give you that awesome orgasm that you crave so badly for when you use it.

MYExtase Zenith

It can also be used during a couple play to add to the sensations of love making. It’s an aesthetically pleasing design and not at all intimidating, making it perfect for those romantic date nights where you have dinner, a glass or two of wine and put on your favourite sexy lingerie. It can be used for erotic and light sensual teasing, sexy targeted massages and clitoral stimulation during the penetration stage of making love. This generally spices up a couple’s erotic private time together as it can also be used to stimulate men if you don’t mind sharing. Especially useful on nipples, along the penile shaft, or simply as a way to point out the spots on his body that you love. .

The Zenith is made from plastic that is PU coated with a velvety texture thus it is soft, firm and rigid. This combination is perfect for orgasmic and sensual sensations. The soft exterior of the toy due to its velvety texture is responsible for stimulating the nerves along the vaginal entrance and the surrounding skin as it adds a perfect target and manoeuvrability. On the scale of material safety, it is rated at 8. This material is non-porous, non-temperamental and easy to clean.

The vibrator’s measurements are 8” long and of this 7” are insertable, the diameter of the shaft is 1 inch and 1¼ inch on the bulbous head. The bulb itself is 2 inches long and curved upwards to enable it target the G-spot thus offering better and more targeted stimulation for women. In addition to the beautiful design, the vibrators also come with an operating LED light and a low battery indicator.

The materials that are used to make the vibrator are phthalates-free thereby making it safe to use inside your body. The plastic material which is rigid enables the user to apply more pressure on the G-spot to heighten the orgasmic sensations for those that like a little more pressure on the g-spot than others. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. The Extase Zenith vibrator is a great luxury vibrator with great features that make it a very good vibrator for women to use.

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