Bi-Stronic Fusion

Bi-Stronic Fusion

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Heaven has now been brought to the bedroom with the Fun Factory Delight Pulsator range. Fun Factory Vibrators are manufactured in Germany with the company specialising in the making of erotic sex toys that are fun, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Today we are going to look at one their newest innovations the fun factory Bi Stronic fusion.

The bi-Stronic fusion has been named after the newest technology on the market and combines both new and more traditional technology. Intrigued? Read on. First, we’ll explore the Fusions history. Before the Bi Stronic, Fun Factory had released a pulsator range with the Stronic Zwei, Drei and Eins. This was one of the most innovative products that had been achieved in the industry and fun factory won several awards for their efforts. The Stronic Pulsators are unique in the sense that they don’t vibrate – they pulsate. That’s right, in a similar fashion to how a shake-a-weight works there is a powerful magnet inside the toy which pulsates a metal weight. This weight causes the toy to thrust backwards and forwards on its own, it’s a toy that moves.

The Pulsator replaced the older style vibrators which would use a system of gears, to manually extend a shaft and provide a thrusting motion. Not only were these quite slow and noisy, but if they were placed too firmly against the vaginal wall then there would be a tendency to break through the gears and cause the toy to break. That’s what makes the pulsator so unique and exciting – it’s not just the tip of the toy which thrusts – the entire toy will move and shake. Further, by using a magnet, theses thrusters are on a level of reliability that far surpasses their cousins.

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So what does this have to do with the Bi Stronic Fusion? Fun Factory are well known for their powerful toys, and what they decided to do was combine both the thrusting element of the pulsator, and their famous vibrations in one powerful, awe inspiring toy! That’s right, this is both a thruster and a powerful vibrator in one single toy – if you’re a sweet and innocent woman looking to masturbate with the power and functionality of a bad toy, look no further than this. Whilst the toy might appear to be sweet and innocent, it packs a massive punch.

Whilst it looks like a standard, rechargeable silicone rabbit there is so much more to this toy than meets the eye. Appearances can be deceiving. If you were to hold it in your hand, you will notice that it is a little bit heavier than some of the other vibrators on the market. This is because of the weight of the magnet in there which is responsible for making the toy ‘shake’. The second thing that you will notice is the softness and smoothness of the silicone. This is a very velvet silicone that is both squishy, and smooth. It’s a pure dream. The benefit of the silicone and the softness of the silicone is that not only will the toy have a little bit of give and squish in it when it is inserted, but it also makes the toy more ergonomic. You’ll notice that when you’re using a rabbit vibrator that the chances are that the rabbit aspect, is rarely in the right place. The Stronic Fusion uses a wider angle butterfly piece, which is super soft, bendy and positioned in such a way that when it is inserted will move and adjust to the position that you need it to. One of the benefits of the butterfly and the super soft silicone is that the wings of the butterfly will flutter slightly, not only will they be able to provide powerful vibrations onto the clitoris, but they wings are wide enough to provide labia stimulation as well.

Another thing that you will notice with the Stronic fusion is that it has a very slight tip on the end of the shaft. This has been designed to reach up and just touch the area of the g-spot. Which will be incredibly useful once it’s inserted, and the curved tip will be gently rubbing on the vaginal wall and g-spot with each thrust. If you’re not a fan of this stimulation then you can use the curve just on the inside of the opening of the vagina to provide some gentle thrusting and teasing towards foreplay.

Whilst the bi-Stronic fusion is not waterproof it is water resistant and will handle any form of body moisture that you can throw at it and it has a total of 64 different combinations possible so that you can certainly find the magic number that will maximise your pleasure.

The bi-Stronic fusion is also USB rechargeable with the cord being able to be plugged into any USB charger. It does take a few hours to charge up completely, but once it is fully charged, you’ll notice that the three little control buttons will be continuously lit as opposed to flashing. Once the toy is fully charged, you’re good to go. The toy is controlled by three little buttons. A fun button, a middle, and a top button. The fun button is only used to turn off and on the toy, as well as being held down to provide the ability to lock the toy during travel. The top button will control the vibration on the butterfly, with the middle button being used to provide control to the thrusting settings. It’s a simple matter of clicking through until you find the setting that you want. Due to the toys smart technology, once you have selected a setting, simply hold down the fun button for 6 seconds, and it will remember your favourite setting and start that way each, and every time.

Cleaning with this toy is a breeze, simply grab a damp cloth, wipe down the toy with some warm chemical free soapy water and you’re good to go. One of the only downsides to the material of the Stronic fusion is that it can be a bit grabby when it comes to dust and lint, not only do we recommend giving it a wipe down before each use, but this is one toy that will probably live best in a bag,

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