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If you are in need of sex toys with the latest technological advancements then Swan Sex toys is the answer. One of the beautiful things about the Swan toys by BMS factory, is their simplicity. The majority of Swan Products do not have pulses, they will consist of a single, or dual button control which will slowly turn up the vibe, and the second button controlling either a second motor or to switch on the rotating shaft feature as is the case with the larger style rabbits by swan. Swan vibrators are beautiful. They’re made of a seamless pink silicone, come in gorgeous and elegant white boxes, and are made by women, for women. The ergonomic designs are unparalleled, and they’re design to accentuate the natural curves of the body, rache those hard to reach areas and bring you to a climax every single time.

These award-winning products are covered with a seamless and hygienic silicone and they offer limitless pleasure and easy to use separate speed controls. These products are very attractive in design making them good for someone who likes style as well as functionality. They have elegance, are sensual, simple to use and power all in one package.

If you’re struggling to find a few reasons as to why you’d want to purchase a swan toy, then we can give you eight of them. The swan range has won eight awards around the globe praising them for their design, functionality and strength, including awards from Australia and Europe. They have been featured in media outlets including magazines and TV shows and their recognisable branding has become synonymous with power and luxury.

They are also powered by the Swan specialty power bullet, which is patented exclusive to BMS factory and Swan vibrators, and which grants all the vibrators both a quiet pleasure, and a very power vibration. Indeed, there are few other brands in the world which possess the same level of power as the swan vibrators, making them the toy for the woman who wants more. The products are also covered with 100% pure medical grade silicone, making them user-friendly, hygienic and healthy to the skin. With most swan products, with the exception of the larger rabbits, the buttons and controls to the toy have actually been placed underneath the silicone. Meaning that these toys are completely submersible and 100% waterproof.

Swan products are also powered by a li-ion battery meaning that they are rechargeable and the manufacturers promised to provide a products that could work longer than all the other rechargeable vibrators. A combination of Power Bullet and the lithium battery has achieved this, some of its brands such as the Trumpeter when left on low-speed can run for up to 14 hours with continuous use.

Swan Vibrators

Being waterproof Swan products can be used anywhere including a bath, shower or spa making them a great wet and wild sex toy. A seal at the charging point of the product makes this possible; just think how much fun you can have.  Swan also have all speed independent motors, designed to produce greater pleasures and satisfaction. If the swan vibrator that you purchase has two different motors in it, you can adjust the speeds of these motors independently of each other, making the combinations of pleasure endless.

The technology is so easy to use that you only need to press and hold the button down for the vibrations to increase. When your Swan has reached full power, you will see a solid red light on them.

A travel locks allows you to travel without worrying that they might turn on, causing security issues when going through customs or checkpoints.  You expect to pay a bit more for class but Swan products are still surprisingly affordable and all come with a full one year warranty.

What sets the swan vibrators apart form a lot of other toy companies out there is not only do they offer a full one year replacement warranty, but if you were to register your toy online at the swan website, then you can also get a ten year quality warranty as well. This will allow you to claim a warranty if the toy breaks down before the ten years is up – this warranty entitles you to 50% off your next purchase of a swan vibrato, meaning that they’ve got you covered when it comes to providing you with the best pleasure that can be bought.

Each consumer has unique tastes and prefers different types of vibrators, however, it is important to follow the guidelines. For instance, if your focus is pleasure in one area then the dual ended suits you best, since these are charged in both sides and you can use them in whichever way. Secondly, if you in need a dual stimulation then it is important to choose the double shafted one. These will stimulate both the clitoris and the G spot. Finally, if you need triple stimulation then you will choose the clitoris stimulation, G spot and the rotating vibrator.

Swan products can be ordered online or are available at best retail outlets and some examples of the fine products available include, Swan feather, Swan silhouette, Royal Swan, whooper Swan , Rabbit Swan among many more. These products reveal advanced sophistication and quality design that will satisfy any user. When you are looking for quality, value for money, all round stimulation and longevity then Swan sex toys are the final choice.

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