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Though some people’s faces turn red at the mention of sex toys, there is an undeniable rise in their use in the society and relationships. This is why more and more companies are coming up with vibrators for women and men, and making them both fun and exciting. Gone are the days where vibrtors were simple sticks, now they exude luxury and functionality and look more like high end gadgets than they do sex toys. Vibrators of today are almost like artworks in of themselves and are fantastic for people that appreciate alternative art and lifestyles.  Sex toys do not always have to be a taboo subject, especially for people within relationships. Contrary to popular belief, sex toys, when used inside the context of a relationship where communication is free and open can actually strengthen a couple’s bond more as well as lead to an improved and healthy sex life.

In addition to sprucing things up in the bedroom, sex toys can actually bring out some much needed humour in a couple’s sex life. The number of couples who reported to have burst out laughing the first time they tried to figure out how to operate sex toys together are higher than the ones who had tensions building up at the time. A study by Women’s Health suggests that there are an alarming number of married women who own vibrators, unbeknownst to their husbands. When asked why they haven’t thought of introducing the toy in the bedroom, almost 80% reported that they didn’t want to make their husbands feel like they were underperforming.

Sex toys is not about making your sexual partner feel inadequate, sex toys are used to complement love making, and to achieve sexual arousal and excitement for all. It’s widely known that women will take longer to climax than men, and sometimes it Is necessary to use a sex toy to ensure that both reach sexual completion, even though the fact remains that sexual activity is not just about orgasm. Indeed, many couples will engage in sexual activity and not orgasm. Sexual activity serves to highlight a closeness and intimacy towards the couple and strengthen the bond between them

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Surprisingly, when the same study was conducted using men, almost the same percentage believed that their wives or girlfriends would simply not be interested or would be annoyed at their request, even though more than half of them were open to some experimentation with a number of sex toys. Even more astonishing is the fact that age didn’t play a factor. Both men and women of all ages were genuinely open to the idea, but all too anxious to try and introduce the idea in the bedroom for fear of hurting their partner’s feelings.

The thing that we love about fun factory toys is that they don’t necessarily take themselves as seriously as other companies. Fun factory toys, to put it simply, are fun. They have a large range of fun and exciting toys in a range of different colours and styles. Fun factory stock a range of butt plugs for both men and women, male masturbators, vaginal vibrators, anal vibrators, and even Kegel balls. Unlike other companies they have kept their selection quite small, and will continually upgrade and improve older models and then re-release them as opposed to making new sex toys. This means that they are committed to their image of making quality and fun sex toys, and are dedicated to the continual improvement of not only their toys, but of peoples sex lives.

Fun factory is also an extremely innovative company and can generally be found at all good quality adult stores. Unlike a lot of other luxury toy companies, fun factory do not export the manufacturing of their toys, indeed the toys are all designed, tested and created in their German factory. Sourcing only the necessary materials from outside the country such as the silicone which makes their products. The silicone used in fun factory toys is also quite different and unique. Whilst all silicone toys can be classified as soft, the fun factory range take that to the next level, in some cases the silicone feeling more like a firm pillow than of a silicone sex toy. The pillowy silicone that they use has an interesting effect in making the toy be more luxurious.

Fun Factory Sex toys offer a wide range of vibrators for women, dildos, pulsators and more. They are the perfect luxurious toys to help you bring out that discerning passion. In addition to being user friendly, they make the number one choice for women and men around the world because of their ability to arouse with exquisite excellence. Not only will you and your partner feel extremely satisfied in the end, but also feel well pampered. They come in an array of colors and sizes and are sturdily built to suit a diverse group of people. You and your partner will love the strong but gentle vibrations.

The quiet but powerful motor means you can experiment freely behind closed doors without having to reveal your monkey business to anyone beyond your bedroom borders. You can now freely make those thrilling liaisons with your partner and bring out that long forgotten passion with some of these toys. With any of these toys, sex will quickly become the most anticipated thing for you at the end of every day. Go on and log on to Fun Factory and have a look at the best yet designs and prices for the best vibrators for women in the market for that heightened thrill.

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