Women Unexpected Erogenous Zones

Women Unexpected Erogenous Zones

5 Unlikely Erogenous Zones on a Woman’s Body

Are you tired of the typical sweet spots on a woman’s body? How about exploring unexpected erogenous zones?

The human body has a whole network of nerve endings. Some of these lead to lots of sexual pleasure but are in the most unlikely parts of your body. Here you can ponder more about these unusual erogenous zones.

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5 Erogenous Zones on the Female Body you Didn’t Know About

1. Earlobe

A little nibble on the earlobe is bound to send shockwaves throughout her body. She might ask you what you mean by erogenous zones. The best answer is to show her rather than try explaining it.

Typically, the ears possess immense sexual potential. Start with a simple nibble before exploring deeper. See how a woman responds to you, toying with the lobe between your teeth playfully.

2. Inner Wrist

It’s not common for someone to touch your inner wrist, right. It’s why this is one of the perfect erogenous zones worth exploring. The spot has plenty of nerve endings and can be a way to foster more intimacy.

Start by taking her hand seductively and rub the spot slowly. It’s one way to arouse sexual desire in her. Just be sure to be gentle and maintain eye contact. If she responds, you can keep growing your foreplay before becoming intimate.

3. The Toes

Where is a woman’s erogenous zone? It’s a question many men have pondered upon over the centuries. The good news is here you can learn about some unexpected parts like the toes on her feet.

Admittedly, feet fetish is a thing. Some women love having their toes sucked which brings them immeasurable pleasure. Usually, as you make out, you tend to notice her toes curling.

Now, you can slide slowly down her body and land on her toes. One way to know if she likes this is by researching more about erogenous zones and phases of the moon.

4. The Belly Button

As you explore more on what are the most erogenous zones on a woman, be sure to try the belly button. The best way to do so is by kissing and licking it. Start by kissing on the mouth, then slowly descend her body.

You can spend some time on her neck, earlobe, nipple then her belly button. By this time, she is gasping for breath due to the sheer pleasure of the experience.

Since it’s not healthy to rub the belly button with your finger, lick it slowly with your tongue. The area has a plethora of nerves and hair follicles that you can play around to satisfy her.

5. The Lower Back

Yes, you read that right! Her lower back has a secret hot spot not many people know about. It’s the part where the spine and pelvic bone meet. Here, it’s all about sensitivity, and rubbing it the right way can awaken her sexual desire.

Frankly, the erogenous zone requires plenty of stimulation, and you can even play around with different items. For instance, how about using a feather to rub the spot and watch her squirm with pleasure lightly? Heck, even blowing on this area can send her overboard!

Final Point

How many erogenous zones does a female have? The correct answer is a woman has many sweet spots. Some of these erogenous zones are known, while some aren’t. Above are five unlikely ones you can explore on her body.

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