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The vagina is the second most well-known spot (after the clitoris) to put your battery-powered friend. Vaginal excitement is a secret to many men and women, and the reason is simple; everyone is different. Go figure? What might have worked on your last partner might not work on this partner and vice versa. The key to true sexual experiences and spirituality is to learn about your partner’s body. Before you can learn about your partner’s body you need to learn about your own.

We’ve all heard about the joys and wonder theg-spot– however when people aren’t necessarily hitting it, or understanding when they’re hitting it, it’s often cast aside as some Holy Grail and elusive part of sexual activity that doesn’t exist. Well, the G-spot does exist. It might be different for every person, it might be a little tricky to find depending on your body, but let’s be clear, whether you’re a large mature lady, or whether you’re a young petite woman – you will both have G-Spots. Though, we will acknowledge that hearing about it and having the ability to find it are two completely different scenarios.

Most women will know that once they discover it, and when they do they’ll keep on discovering it. First and foremost, if you’ve ever had the experience of wanting to pee during sex, then congratulations you’ve found the g-spot. Most women don’t ride this feeling through, and they’ll call an end to all sexual activity only to find the feeling subside. They might attribute it to their partner’s length and be inclined to believe that he’s poking around in the wrong spot. Just consider this – during sexual activity and especially during intercourse, it is virtually impossible to urinate. Possible to have a female ejaculation yes, but very difficult to urinate. So next time you get that sensation, just keep going and see what happens!

A fun and exciting approach to investigate your vagina, discover your hotspots, and add an additional component to masturbation or clitoral excitement is to discover a vibrator that you can have fun with. Who said exploring wasn’t fun?

A Brief History Of The G-Spot

Followers of tantric teachings and other such spiritual endeavours have long speculated that women have had two hot spots, one needs to only look at the Kamasastra and Jayamangala scripts from 11th century India. Even since then, it’s been a under an intense investigation as we seek to explore our sexual pleasure. It wasn’t until centuries later where it was eventually backed up through Freudian research which concluded that women capable of vaginal and clitoral orgasms, though he did not and could not understand the difference between blended and full body orgasms the latter being the Holy Grail of sexual activity. Whilst Freud’s initial research was quite vague, it was eventually picked up by Dr Grafenberg in the 1950’s who acknowledged the importance of the clitoris in sexual function, but also noted a small 1-2 cm area on the vaginal wall. This spot, known as the G spot, has been hotly contested ever since.

Now, over sixty years later there is still no conclusive answer. A recent study by Emmanuele Jannini, Professor of Endocrinology and Medical Sexology at Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy has claimed that no such spot exists. But don’t get all up in arms just yet. Whilst the report argues that the G-spot doesn’t exist, the report does acknowledge that there is a sensitive area in the vicinity which is connect to an overall system of pleasure that is connected to the vagina, clitoris and the urethra. So, to put it simply, the report is not completely dismissing the idea of a G-Spot, but just that the G-spot as a current definition as a separate and independent part of sexual pleasure does not exist, and that the G-Spot is a connected part to the overall system of sexual pleasure. The report has been published in the Nature Reviews Urology Journal, and has been condemned by G-spot lovers all over the world.

So, now that we have established the existence of some form of sexual pleasure centre and spot, let’s go about how to reach it, and send your sexual pleasure through the roof.

The Most Effective Method To Use A Vibrator For Vaginal Play

Step 1: Choose Your Vibrator:

Vibrators for vaginal penetration by and large should have some length. Length is more important than the width, as width will be limited by the individual’s preferences, tolerances and comfort levels. If you’re shopping for a sexual aide though, or simply just looking for something new, the best advice I can provide for you is never to shop when you’re horny. The same thing goes when you are not supposed to shop when you’re hungry as you will often buy things that you don’t need, can’t handle or don’t really like to begin with.

The second most important component of a vibrator for the vagina is the shape. Whilst old classic straight up and straight down vibrators can be useful in this endeavour, you will most likely get the most sensation and variety out of something with a little bit of shape. If you’re specifically looking for something to hit the g-spot, then you’re aiming for a lengthy vibrator that has a small upwards tick at the end of the shaft, this slight bend will be useful in angling the vibrator to hit the spot you need without the need to contort yourself into varying degrees of yoga positions. The slight curve will be the key to hitting the g-spot and providing it with the best form of stimulation. We recommend something with a flatter end as opposed to a pointy end. A flatter style vibrator will provide a greater surface area for the vibrations and you’re more likely to be able get the direct spot that you’re looking for with it. A pointy vibrator limits the area with which you can provide vibrations to, and you might just be missing it.

Not at all like the clitoris, the vagina can withstand much stronger vibrations as its less delicate – so don’t be bashful picking a model that truly shakes your bones!

Step 2: Hitting the Spot(s):

g-spot locations

Once you’ve gotten your vibrator home (and cleaned it before its first use with some warm soapy water), use it as though it were a typical dildo, inserting it into the vagina in whichever way you like– paying consideration on the bend – ideally this ought to be indicating up towards your clitoris. Turn the vibrator on, use lube in the event that you have to (I strongly recommend that you use lubricant at all times to prevent chafing on the vaginal walls. All it takes is one little dry spot), and have a go at moving it around, all over, in circles, until you feel a sweet spot. Try not to stress in the event that you get off-track, this can require some time and relaxation. Just remember, its fun to practise!

Step 3: Ejaculating And Other Pastimes:

Massaging the G-Spot is a sure-fire approach to discover whether you have the capacity to discharge or ‘squirt’. It takes 4 things to accomplish female ejaculation: practise, hydration, relaxation, and excitement. While a few ladies can do it without really thinking about it, others might never accomplish it, yet attempting is dependably fun!

Regardless of whether you’ve discovered your G-Spot yet, you can appreciate a vaginal vibrator enormously. Have your lover use it on you, or incorporate it in masturbation. Take a stab at penetrating yourself while you additionally play with your clitoris – in the event that you can multitask the advantages are well justified, despite all the trouble!

Locating The G-Spot – Solo:-

If you’re looking for your g-spot here is a very simple guide to locating it yourself. Firstly what you’ll need to do is to lie back and relax, remembering that the finding of the g-spot can be a little bit of a mission and will require some patience. Keep in mind, that if you’re not relaxed and aroused then you’re going to make the exploration mission a hell of a lot harder. So make sure that you’re in the mood and not just doing it because you’re bored. Start by spreading your legs and bending your knees slightly to provide the best access to your vagina. With your palm facing upwards, kind of like an ice-cream scoop, place two fingers gentle inside, and begin by pressing your fingertips against the centre of the top of your vaginal wall. Aim for the tummy here and you’ll be in the right spot. What you’re looking for is a slightly spongy and ribbed area very similar to the roof of your mouth. If you’re coming up empty handed, put on your favourite porn film, some women when watching porn by themselves will really get aroused by lesbian and gay porn, alternatively you could use a vibrator or some clitoral excitement.

Once you are aroused, the area of the g-spot can fill up with fluid, and thus making it much easier to find. If you’re probing around and feel the urge to pee then you’re most likely in the right spot. The g-spot is very close to the urethra and touching the urethra will trigger the urge to pee. Roll with the sensation, and you’ll find that it will pass. Once it has, you might feel a warming flowering sensation that will become more intense as you touch and stroke the area of your vaginal walls. Continue exploring alternating with pressure, speed and intensity, and you’ll quickly find that you’re bringing yourself to orgasm. Congratulations, you’ve found your g-spot. Once you have found it with your fingers, you’ll recognise the area that you need to be stimulating and you’ll be able to use a variety of different g-spot toys to achieve the same sensation just at a much faster pace.

Vibrators For G-Spot

Locating The G-Spot – With A Male:

It will take a little trial and error, just think about the time that you were practicing and exploring with yourself and how long that that took – your male sexual partner doesn’t necessarily have the same understanding of the female body as you do and as such it might take him a little more time. He might still be determined, excited at the prospect of finally finding the elusive spot, but remember that it will require a bunch of patience. Get yourself in a similar position to how you were when you tried it solo, get him to insert two fingers, and place them gently on the wall of your vagina towards the roof. Then slowly, rotate and feel along the wall for the right spot. If you’re having difficulty, get him to perform some oral stimulation so that you become aroused and therefore he’ll be able to find the spot a little easier.

Once he has located it, get him to try different patterns, different pressures and alternating between that. Soft slow stroke and circles which increase in pressure and speed will work wonders. Another technique he can try is to tap – pressing firmly on the spot and then releasing the pressure. Why? Touch responds well to the first second or so of stimulation, but it can become accustomed the sensation and might choose to ignore it. By tapping, the body is no longer in a position to ignore the stimulation and it has the potential to bring you into a rushing full body orgasm. Once he has found it, you might need to lock him up, because from then on he’s going to want to use it every single time that you have sex. Be warned!

Either way, once you’ve found your g-spot – you can train it to respond to your every whim and desire. Before long the power and intensity of your g-spot stimulation and subsequent orgasms are not only going to blow your mind, but the mind of your partner as well!

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