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Anal Sex For Women | Anal Play Guide For Women

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Sex doesn’t need to centre all around the vagina for women. Just like men, there can be great pleasure from anal stimulation, and you can use various vibrators to ensure that you get the most effective anal pleasure that you can. We’ll explore here the pleasures of anal play, preparing for anal play, and some toys and tricks that you can use to get the most stimulation.

Whether you’re anal curious, your partner wants to engage in anal play and you’re unsure, or whether you’re an aficionado there’s information here for all. Anal play is incredible diversion for men and women alike, and a vibrator is one of the numerous things that can help you achieve a fantastic and unique sensation.

anal play for women

Anal Play For Women

Anal sex can feel good. I understand that for the most part, anal sex suffers from a bad reputation, it’s often assumed to be dirty, only gay men love it, and the idea that it has been considered taboo for centuries. I get it. I get that it sounds painful, I get that there’s a bunch of stories about bad sexual experiences with anal and all that jazz. Some people really do not like it, but with the proper preparation, a patient guy and some consideration as opposed to just trying to whack it in – anal sex can be incredibly stimulating.

Men like anal sex because of the stimulation to the prostate, or in the case of penis’s because the anus feels a light tighter than the vagina and hence they like the squeeze down effect. Women on the other hand, don’t have a prostate. Why then do they like it?

There are still some incredible nerve endings in and around the anus, which can provide some unique and intense stimulation. In the case of anal play during sex there’s also the idea that a butt plug, penis or vibrator in the ass can make the vaginal walls feel tighter. The combination of various stimulation from the vagina, g-spot, clitoris and ass can have the potential to send a women into fits of orgasmic bliss.

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Having Anal Sex

Before engaging in anal sex and play, we advise that you try it by yourself first. There’s a different type of anal play when you’re playing solo, as opposed to having a partner ram something up there without necessarily understanding your body and tolerances.

The first thing that you will need to do before anal play is prepare. If you want to have anal sex later in the day, then you would make sure not to eat any carb heavy meals, it is also advised that you go to the toilet beforehand. If you’re a little worried about the presence of faecal matter, then you could also use an anal douche to clean everything out.Whilst there are douches available which clean your anus, repeated and consistent use of these is not advisable as it restricts the growth of healthy bacteria which your body needs. Douches are for emergency use only.For the most part, unless you feel the urge to go to the toilet, or you haven’t been in a while – then the cavity will be clean and clear.


From there you will need to relax. The muscles that control the sphincter are involuntary and unlike the vagina, they’re not used to being stretched. If you’re not in a relaxed state, then it’s simply not going to work. You might recall a time when you were horny and your partner suggested anal play and you freaked out, and it didn.t matter how hard he pushed or what he did, it just wasn’t going to work without causing severe pain. That’s what happens when you’re not relaxed and the lad that you’re with is a little bit impatient. It’s also why we recommend trying this by yourself first, you above all other people understand how the body works, you will understand how you react and you’ll be able to adjust far more quickly than trying to tell someone what to do.

The Toy

If you’re using a toy, start off with something small, around two fingers wide. You could try it with a small butt plug, a dildo type toy, or even a small vibrator specifically geared for anal play.

Keep in mind that you just can’t use any old vibrator, the vibrator that you use needs to be especially for anal play.  Buy a new one, and don’t use any of the vibrators that you already have unless you’re using a condom over them to prevent cross contamination between the ass and the vagina.

When using toys for the first time what you want to do is to get yourself into a comfortable position, with your legs spread. You might need to grab a pillow or two to put underneath your torso to lift up your butt slightly. Gently place the toy against the entrance of your ass and press gently. If it has a vibrating function, switch that on and do small circles around the entrance which is very sensitive. Slowly, increase the pressure and press more firmly against the ass and wait. Essentially, assuming the toy is not overly large, what you’re aiming for is for the toy to ‘slip in’. The muscles will suddenly relax and open and the toy will surge forward.

For all sorts of anal play lubrication is a compulsory element – unless you want to risk hurting yourself. That said, make certain it’s good with your toy (which could be made of silicone, for instance) and don’t suffocate your vibrator with it unless it’s absolutely waterproof. Consider applying the lube to your body rather than the toy. Make sure that you’re using a good quality lubricant or a silicone lubricant, silicone lubricant won’t dry out like water based will meaning that it will not only last a lot longer, but be far more comfortable. The first time may hurt a little. We won’t deny that. Especially if you’re over compensating and using something larger than you should be, but the main way to eliminate pain is to relax, use lubricant, breathe, and pick something of a reasonable size.

Once you’re in you’re in. You can manipulate the toy, turn it up and down, work it in little circles, move it slowly in and out until you’re comfortable and boom, off you go to town. If you’re using a silicone lubricant the chances are that you will not need to reapply, however just be aware with water lubricant that you will most likely need to reapply at some stage,

If you’re in the situation where your partner has a thick penis, then you’re going to need to be able to work up to that. Try using various toys of incrementing sizes until you’re almost up to the same size that he is.

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With A Partner

Involving a partner makes things a little more complicated. Boys for the most part, need to remember that the ass is not a vagina and that things don’t just slip in. There’s going to be days where it doesn’t matter how horny you are, that it’s simply not going to happen, and they need to accept that.

Most bad sexual experiences regarding anal play centre around someone not particularly knowing what they’re doing. If your partner is wanting some anal action – then you need to remind him to be patient and to take it slow. Following the above methods just replacing the toy with his penis, and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

For newbies, butt-centric play is typically easiest when started in the ‘doggy style’ position i.e. staring you in the face and knees. Find what feels good and keep doing it; in case you’re wearing a vibrating butt plug the plug is designed to be used during other forms of stimulation – maybe while you masturbate or engage in sexual relations with your partner. On the off chance that it’s a vibrating dildo, the standard movement of pulling it ‘in and out’ feels best; while in case you’re utilizing anal beads, its suggested that you gradually haul the dabs out of the rear-end – more than once or simply amid climax.

Top Tip:-

This tip is for the girls; something that pushes against, and makes sensations in the vaginal divider wall, is well on the way to drum up a buzz. It can also make vaginal sex feel tighter!