Vaginismus Treatment Through Hypnosis

Vaginismus Treatment Through Hypnosis

Vaginismus Treatment Through Hypnosis

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition that can affect some women and the term refers to vaginal tightness. The condition affects the  ability to participate in any specific forms of penetration of the vagina. Which may include inserting tampons, sexual penetration through vaginal sex and even the insertion of the vagina during medical or gynecological exams

Sometimes referred to as Vaginism, it is  vaginal tightness which can cause differing forms of discomfort.

vaginismus symptoms

The symptoms of Vaginismus or Vaginism includes Discomfort of the vaginal opening, burning sensations, various levels of pain to even the inability to engage in sexual intercourse due to the inability to open the vagina to allow penetration in a comfortable way. From time to time vaginismus tightness could start to lead to burning , discomfort , or stinging in the course of intercourse.

The cause of vaginismus

The tightening of the vagina caused by vaginismus which is an involuntary tightness or something that is not controlled by the human body. Rather it is a reflex and contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, medically termed pubococcygeus muscle or “PC Muscle”. The sudden reflex of the muscles around and in the vagina suddenly tense. The women who has vaginismus is unable to directly command or ‘will’ the tightness to take place ; it happens to be an involuntary pelvic response . She may well not even have any specific knowledge that the muscle response is leading to the tightness or penetration problem . The vaginismic reflex might be as compared with the reaction of the eye closing any time something comes in the direction of it . The extent of vaginismus , in addition to the pain throughout penetration ( for instance sexual penetration ) , differs from woman to woman.

Vaginismus is an unusual affliction for the reason that it could derive from a combination of in some cases physical or non-physical causes or perhaps it might appear to have no trigger whatsoever .

The cycle of pain caused by vaginismus

Typically at the origin of vaginismus is a combination of physical or non-physical triggers that result in the body to foresee discomfort or pain. Reacting to the expectation of discomfort, the body naturally tightens the vaginal muscular areas, bracing to safeguard itself from harm or injury . Intercourse turns into unpleasant or hurtful, as well as entry might become more challenging or impossible dependent upon the seriousness of the tightened condition. With endeavors at sexual activity, any specific resultant uncomfortableness additionally reinforces the reflex response so that it intensifies further . The body suffers from greater pain and responds by bracing more on an ongoing basis, even more entrenching this response and also forming a vaginismus ‘cycle of pain .’


Non Physical Causes of Vaginismus

non-physical inner thoughts, emotions or impressions such as general anxiety or anxiousness can be the cause of vaginismus and it is essential that it be comprehended that vaginismus is not the woman’s failing. When activated, the involuntary muscle tightness shows up without deliberate direction; the woman has not purposefully ’caused’ or instructed her body to tighten up and cannot merely make it stop. Women with vaginismus might initially be sexually receptive and greatly desire to make love however as time passes this desire may lessen due to pain and inner thoughts of failure or disappointment and discouragement and frustration . It is very aggravating to be not able to physically take part in pleasurable intimate intercourse.


How can Hypnosis help in overcoming vaginismus?

The expectation of discomfort or pain, psychological and emotionally charged anxieties, or unhealthful sexual messages may bring about and also reinforce the signs and symptoms of vaginismus. Routinely, although not always, you will find deep-seated under-lying negative mindset and feelings of anxiousness, nervousness and anxiety associated with vaginal penetration is the root cause. Emotional triggers that lead to vaginismus symptoms are not at all times easily apparent and necessitate some exploration. It is essential that effective therapy processes include tackling any emotionally charged triggers so a full pain-free together with enjoyable sexual relationship can be experienced upon resolution.

Using Hypnosis to treat Vaginismus is about learning to relax

Cure Vaginismus – relax with hypnosis.

In the event that your vaginismus bears a psychological or emotional element , since many of those that do experience the condition are caused by emotional or psychological elements, treatment methods employing hypnosis will help your vaginal muscles relearn the best way to relax during sex. It is very important nevertheless to get yourself examined medically initially to make sure you will not have any physical triggers of the vagismus you may be experiencing.

The concept that vaginismus is psychological will often make the sufferer really feel guilty, yet this really is simply an incorrect idea. You can no more attack or blame somebody for the involuntary tightening of the vagina than you can blame them for blushing – they are unconsciously regulated processes of the body.

Psychological reasons behind vaginismus include bad sexual encounters , childbirth , sickness and indoctrinated values that sex is ‘dirty’ or a ‘bad thing’ . As soon as the body understands to react to sex in this way , just a little re-education of the unconsious mind is needed.

Retraining the Body – overcome vaginismus

Retraining the PC muscle group to respond differently to the anticipation of intercourse is key to the successful treatment of vaginismus. By using Hypnosis  you can retrain the mind and body to help relax the PC muscles to allow for safe and comfortable sex once again.


Treating vaginismus with hypnosis

Hypnosis is unmatched at working with unconscious techniques . For this reason is is effective to assist sports professionals and people excel – their brain can be properly trained to control their muscles in exactly the correct way . Similarly , hypnosis may be used to address high blood pressure since it relaxes the body like no other method can .

During this pleasant relaxed state , your mind can learn how to approach sex in such a way that will enable you to remain relaxed and enjoy the experience .

Your vaginismus treatment download enables you to re-teach your subconscious mind how you can do what nature intended in the most comfortable and comfy possible way

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